Some years ago I've made a little web application which allowed one to browse FreeBSD ports collection by tags, à la delicious.

The tags were not created by users but were instead generated from a couple of fields taken from every port's Makefile, so it was not exactly a "social" software.

There was some limited amount of discussion on FreeBSD mailing lists, and a publicly accessible readonly SVN repository was created by my friend Erwin, but the overall interest was rather low.

Over time I moved on and basically stopped working on the project, but recently I had an idea - not exactly to re-surrect it, but to make it more easy for people who are interested to contribute.

Enter port-tags at github. Github is a tool to host git repositories of your open-source projects. Anybody can easily clone your repository, fork it completely, or submit their changes back to you. I only started using it today, so I cannot say much about its features and how convenient they are, but from what I've heard, it is very very nice.

So, if you are interested, and have got round tuits to spare, please hack on port-tags - maybe some good will eventually come out of it.

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