Me and my wife are going to Paris in April. So, some time ago we have ordered tickets from a popular Danish travel site,

The tickets are for 2009-04-18.

This morning I have got a shiny (HTML) email from them which said the following (loosely translated from Danish):

Bon Vojage.

Hello Anton.

In a moment you will be traveling to Paris! There are often many things that should be taken care of before the journey, and we would like to help you with practical details. We hope that you will find in this mail something that will make your journey even better. Have a good journey!

After realizing that today is 2009-03-18, I had my moment of panic, frantically searching for the PDF with the electronic ticket, verifying that I have not made a major fuckup and that our tickets are indeed for April the 18th, not March the 18th.

So the fuckup is not mine. Fine. But it would be nice to be absolutely really positively sure, so I called their customer service. The robot helpfully told me that

  • this is a paid call (I don't remember the exact amount per minute, but it was not peanuts);
  • I am number 10 in the queue.

And there is no contact E-mail on the website.

So what do you think - is it a simple, albeit embarrasing programming error on behalf of programmers, or a secret plot to get some more money out of customers induced into a state of panic?

At any rate, I do not think I will be using their services again. If I need some excitement in my life, there are better ways to obtain it.