For months, I've been plagued by intermittent mouse freezes on one of my boxes.

It started after a regular Xorg upgrade. According to various mailing lists, that particular upgrade caused similar problems to a lot of people, so I tried different suggested fixes. No luck.

A bit later, Xorg on FreeBSD was modified to fix the reported problems. But the upgrade did not fix my problem.

Eventually I came to a realization that it is likely that the problem is not with the mouse driver or with any other part of Xorg. Rather, it was a problem with synergy client interaction with the new xcb. I even found a problem report with a supposed fix to the problem. By the time I've found it, the fix was committed to the synergy port, and was subsequently rolled back because it lead to other problems. I tried the patch in the PR anyway. Still did not help me.

Not wanting to spend too much time on this, I was coping with the delays and only occasionally, when annoyed more than usual, was trying to find another fix. Unsuccessfully, I must add, until this morning, when I discovered synergy+, a maintenance fork of the original synergy. I was not aware that synergy+ is basically a drop-in replacement to synergy, the binaries having the same names as in the original. Better still, synergy+ client works just fine with the original synergy server. So I've decided to give it a shot, removed the synergy package, and installed the synergy+ port. Voila, the freezes are gone. I am a happy camper now.