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Great topic for a blog post, Jane!

Comment by massmail4u Thu Mar 16 18:20:42 2017

I don't know if this is a riddle or execise, so I will answer it in Rot13:

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Comment by Thomas Thu May 10 14:46:20 2012

Failed to install it with perl -MCPAN -e shell, complains about failed make test. I guess it wasn't fixed after all?

Ivan, no idea, you should probably report this to the author, Evan Carroll

Comment by tobez Fri Oct 14 14:17:51 2011
Failed to install it with perl -MCPAN -e shell, complains about failed make test. I guess it wasn't fixed after all?

very interesting solution, i try to automate some task on work, authorization on jira,confluence and other network task is giving Internal Server Error
Internal Server Error is giving Internal Server Error

Jeez, it took me a while to notice this comment!

Sorry, fixed now.

Comment by Sat Feb 19 17:07:33 2011
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Cool, no problem. I just saw your entry on today, and I didn't realize the posting was old. This is my bad, there was definitely a problem with it failing tests around that time, but I assure you it was upstream. ;) Blame the Moose guys.
Comment by Evan Carroll Wed Dec 30 01:18:20 2009
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Re: failing tests; I'm afraid that you have not released 0.09 at the time I was trying to use your module. According to CPAN, 0.09 was uploaded on the 26th of August, the same day I wrote this entry. The actual experience predates that by at least hours and possibly days. The 0.08 was indeed failing tests (but you mention Moose was responsible).

I will certainly try your module again once I need more ASP scraping to do.

Cheers, \Anton.

Comment by tobez Tue Dec 29 19:58:45 2009
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I'm the author of HTTP::TreeBuilderX::ASP_NET, and it doesn't fail any tests... It broke a few times because of instabilities in Moose (you can read about it in changelogs)

The doc bug you mention is fixed in github (afaik) I can push another one up to CPAN but there is some new functionality there too that someone else has been testing. Please submit your failing tests to rt, I'll fix them!

As for perl 5.10, yes, it requires 5.10 which has been out for over two years. I would suggest you try using HTML::TreeBuilderX::ASP_NET::Roles::htmlElement which is dirt simple.

Grab me on irc or email me if you need any help.

Comment by Evan Carroll Tue Dec 29 19:18:11 2009